The simple expense tracker for travellers

Multiple Trips

Add a trip for every you country you visit. Trexpense provides you with predefined country templates including name and currency information.

Different Views

Use the calendar view to see your expenses day by day. They are grouped by their category so you keep the overview.

Of course, Trexpense also comes with a classic list view: all your expenses in chronological order.

Advanced Expense Tracking

Trexpense automatically converts the expense form the local currency to your home currency. You can also split expenses over several days.

Create custom payment types like cash or credit cards and assign them to an expense.

Assign travellers to an expense and know exactly who paid for what.

Configure additional categories to personalize Trexpense

Unristricted Offline Use

All features of Trexpense are available offline; no internet connection is needed. There's no need to get a mobile plan whereever you are going.

To make sure none of your trips gets lost you can use the backup feature to export all your data.

Advanced Statistics

Many different charts help you to keep an overview of your expenses. No matter if you want to see your daily average expenses or to see how your expenses changed during your trip. There is a chart for everything you want to know.

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